Immersive Experiences . . . the new language of visual storytelling.

c3digital works with content creators, distribution channels, sports franchises, and traditional broadcasters, to create the immersive digital experience. From producing television and digital programming, to directing live fan engagement, c3digital has the experience in broadcast and event production, live social integration, and in-venue entertainment. Whether live, in AR or VR, we let you experience the real sights and sounds all around you.


Immersive Technologies . . . the new medium.

For the producer, we helped develop the @home production, utilizing the newest transmission technology to streamline the budget and maximize your home-based talent and facility. Bill is the emmy-award winning creator of VR and AR content within a traditional broadcast production.



Bill Chapman – President


VISION: Each story is unique, each viewer is unique, each event is unique. My goal has always been to tell a story that gives the audience a perspective and meaning that goes beyond the traditional. Especially in the digital age, it’s about the authorship, the visuals, and the unique approach.


SECRET: Create a unique digital strategy, visual branding and style, combined with cost and time-effective production and distribution workflows, so that it is truely about the message, not the medium.


PERFORMANCE: Expert at building linear, digital, and in-venue experiences. Award-winning multi-screen producer/director, from live broadcast to in-venue, sports to entertainment. Clients include Turner Sports, CBS, Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm Entertainment live events, Delta Airlines, Atlanta Falcons, NCAA, Van Wagner Sports
& Entertainment (Olympics), TEDx.com (web series), Patronet (first online music service), and HEXXU (unlimited POV and reactive VR performance for live events).


Produce/Direct live fan experiences for the Atlanta Falcons, Disney, NCAA, VWSE, and TED.com


Directed the VR experience for CBS/Turner Sports “NCAA March Madness Final Four.”