Much like an old automobile, creating a new experience from the traditional model requires a unique ability to craft, and follow, alternative stories, a mosaic of imagery, and different viewpoints (VR/AR), while maintaining that connection with the original message.


The ability to direct backstories, present a unique perspective, and offer the social connection to interactively engage the viewer, complements the new generation of stories, storytellers, and distribution.


Leverage “Live” multi-platform film production


For the live event, it begins with the fan experience. Whether in a multi-screen platform, or sitting in the stands cheering on the home team, our philosophy is a branded experience, from the large screen, to the second screen, to the in-venue “non-disruptive” advantage. Adding value to the storyline adds value to the experience.


Turner Entertainment:

From concept to execution, my role managed the group in design of new content and production methods. From virtual studios to immersive graphics, digital film-making, and second-screen experiences. My interest and experience in the audience involvement of visual communications enables me to create imagery with an intent, story and purpose.

Bill Chapman